Fire Safety

A reminder to all residents of Walpole: You must have your house number displayed on your home so that is it clearly visible from the street.

In a typical home fire, smoke, heat and toxic gases build up rapidly. When the smoke detector sounds get out of the building immediately before your escape route is blocked.To survive a fire: install and maintain smoke detectors and practice an escape plan.

Smoke Detectors

  1.  Install smoke detectors on every level and inside each sleeping area.
  2. Test them monthly.
  3. Replace the battery twice a year.
  4. Never disable your detector.

This list is a general guide for individuals, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has updated the state requirments. CLICK HERE.

Home Escape Plan

  1. Practice your home escape plan with the whole family twice a year.

  2. Plan 2 ways out of each room. The easy way out is probably the door and the second way out might be a window.

  3. If you plan for a child or a senior to exit a window, make sure they can open it easily.

  4. If you can't get out, close your door and go to the window and signal for help.

  5. Teach children never to hide under beds or in closets.

  6. If you must go through smoke, crawl low. The coolest, cleanest air will be about 18 inches off the ground.

  7. Have a meeting place outside where everyone will meet.

  8. Be able to tell the fire department if everyone is out safely.

  9. Stay out; don't go back into a burning building for anything.

  10. Telephone the fire department from a neighbor's house