Fire Safety for Business

A reminder to businesses that hold Liquor Licenses

You are required to have an annual inspection of your fire protection and alarm systems as part of your liquor licence.

A reminder to restaurant owners and managers.

Commercial cooking/ventilation systems must be clean annually by a licensed contractor. Failure to to have the cooking ventilation system cleaned can result in an order to stop all cooking operations until the system is inspected and cleaned. Information from the Commonwealth is available here.


Below are links to Walpole Town By-Laws that each business owner/operator should be aware of:

Ch241_alarm_systems (Article II relates to fire alarm systems)


Ch327_fire_prevention (Article II relates to Fire Department Rules)

Ch459_with_the Board of Health;_secondhand_vehicle_dealers (overlaps with the Board of Health)


Fire Lanes-Regulations

Please make sure the Fire Lane signs and road markings are in compliance with Mass General Laws and the Town of Walpole By-Laws.   The Town By-Law States:

“It shall be unlawful to obstruct or block a private way with a vehicle or any other means so as to prevent access by fire apparatus or equipment to any multiple family dwelling, building, store, shopping center, school or place of public assembly”.

Further, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts fire code, 527 CMR, state such fire lanes shall be designated to be a distance of eighteen feet (18’) from the curbing or a sidewalk.  When no curbing or sidewalk exists, the distance shall be established by the Head of the Fire Department.  Any object or vehicle obstructing or blocking any Fire Lane may be removed or towed by the Town under the direction of a Police Officer at the expense of the owner and without liability to the Town of Walpole.

It is the responsibility to the property owner of record of any building to provide and install signs and road markings in accordance with the Massachusetts General Laws and Town By-Laws. Signs shall be no less then 12” X 18” and shall read “Fire Lane – No Parking – Tow Zone”. The roadway immediately in front of these areas shall be striped in yellow paint with the wording “Fire Lane – Keep Clear”.   The signage must be permanently affixed and clearly visible for the full length of the fire lane.



New Crowd Manager Requirements for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. For complete information from the state click here.


Additional Information on Mass Crowd Manager Requirements