Public Notice

Eversource Construction Project update

Eversource will be upgrading electrical sysytems in the area starting in Mid-March and contiuning thru June 2018. The project will run from Walpole to Holbrook. Helicopters will be used to install new powerlines and equipment along the exsiting powerline right-of-way. Safe areas for helicopter landings are pre-established along the right-of-way. Traffic delays may occur in areas where the wires run over the roads.

Fire Extinguisher Recall Notice.

Kidde Inc, and the Consumer Product Safety Commision have announced a recall to replace certain Kidde fire extinguishers. Kidde has sent copies to reail customers with instructions. CLICK THIS LINK TO THE CPSC.GOV SITE FOR INFORMATION


Walpole Fire Job Posting

The Town of Walpole is seeking qualified applicants for the position of Firefighter/Paramedic.

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The Walpole Fire Department administration has moved to its temporary location at 944 C Main St. All Fire Department businiess will be conducted from this office.
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A reminder to all residents of Walpole

You must have your house number displayed on your home so that is it clearly visible from the street.

A notice to homeowners and realtors selling a home.

Effective April 5, 2010 there have been changes in the law regulating the installation of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. CLICK HERE to go to the fire prevention page for residents for a summary of the changes and a link to the guide on smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

New Information Class Available

New Information course for Homeowners:Household Hazardous Materials-A Guide for Citizens is presented by the US Fire Administration and offers FREE information and education about household chemicals.